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Unite as one, breaking the benefits ---PVTECH takes part in outdoor training activities

One strand silk doesnt make a thread;one tree doesnt make a forest. On 24th of July, in order to improve the team cooperation ability,more than twenty people PVTECH participate in Junzhi outdoor training activities at Longmeng,Anxi.

At 9 o clock, the outdoor training activities officially start in the morning breeze. People are randomly divided into three groups, than have a match in activities of InspiringandTower of Hanoi. The aim of Inspiring is to train all member to learn from each other in mutual emulation,work together to achieve the common goal, make them understand that doing is more important than talking. Tower of Hanoi tell everybody that even small changes in the management may lead overall job to be double or even several times, also may become a impossible mission in the standardization of enterprise management. 

In the afternoon, coach let everybody carry on a series of activities, such as "Support the front" "Through the grid". "Support the front" let all realize a truth--unite as one, breaking the benefits. "Through the grid" tell us that there are a lot of things should rely on the collective strength instead of finish by individually which is the ture meaning and value of a team.

Through the above project training, all team member experienced team of generation,display, integrated and saw the advantages and disadvantages of their groups. They have deep feeling of the essence of "task, unity, cooperation"which laid a good basic for the current work.




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