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Dimmable LED High Bay

- Module design: 
  could assemble freely, 8pcs maximum.  Max. Power: 800W. 
  The tradition High Bay is hard to do over 600W, our High Bay could be done to 800W.
  The most popular power is 150W, to replace traditional 400W metal halogen lamp.
- Easy Maintain:
  Our High Bay has 2 version: Driver external & Driver internal.
  Driver internal: driver control separately. If one fails,the other still works. 
- Good Heat Dissipation
   The COB board of conventional High Bay is really hot, around 100~150档
   But for our High Bay,the LED is only <70.The Led chips spacing is large and the special heat sink design can spread the hot to the air quickly.

- Optional Beam angle

- Four-in-one dimming function: 0-10V/PWM/Resistance/Dali dimmable.

CCT Range: WW(3000K), NW(4000K), DW(5000K), CW(6500K)




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